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Strengthen your relationship and improve your dog's focus with our easy to follow instructional Online Program.

Building a Foundation: Focus, Obedience & Socialization

Discover the ultimate online program designed to strengthen your bond with your canine companion. Engage your dog with practical techniques to develop a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding.


Every dog parent dreams of having a well-behaved and responsive furry friend by their side. With our "Building a Foundation" program, that dream becomes a reality. This comprehensive program is crafted to:

  • Enhance Engagement: Elevate your dog's focus and responsiveness towards you, ensuring seamless communication.

  • Obedience Training: Integrate an effective training system into your daily life, turning every interaction into a learning experience.

  • Socialization Plan: Building your training skillset to feel more confident as you socialize and exposure your dog to people, dogs and stimulating environments.

Why Choose Our Program?

Practical Integration: Our strategies seamlessly blend into your everyday life, turning mundane activities into impactful training sessions.

Long-Term Benefits: Cultivate a training foundation that will benefit both you and your dog for years to come.

Holistic Approach: We focus on not just obedience but also building a deeper connection and understanding between you and your dog.

Here’s a Glimpse of What You'll Discover

  • Techniques to gain your dog's undivided attention even in distracting environments.

  • Effective obedience commands that are practical.

  • Real-world strategies to ensure your dog is well-adjusted and neutral in various situations.

$70 $35

Interested in more than just online training?

Combining our Online Program with In-Person Training:

  • The best of both worlds: Blending the learning online with in-person training.

  • Get in-person private training sessions with one of our Professional Dog Trainers to help you work through the curriculum.

  • Learn online at your own pace and schedule your private sessions as needed.

  • Free Pack Walks & Bootcamps for socialization, exposure & to practice your training.

$347 $197

There are more options...

Niagara Dog Training is also proud to partner with SpiritDog to offer you a library effective Online Dog Training Programs. By following these programs, you will see definite changes in your dog’s behaviour after one month. However, many owners report that their dogs are a lot better after as little as two weeks!

*All of these Online programs are in $US dollars

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Ready to Jump-Start Your Training?

Online training has become more convenient than attending regular local classes. A typical in-person training program can cost $85-$120 per session, so this is a very cost effective alternative that you can do anywhere and anytime.


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Other Problematic Behaviours

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Customer Reviews


The online course has been so helpful. My dog gets fear reactive on walks and barks at other dogs. The class has given us the tools we need to make progress. I love that it is all positive training. Highly recommend!

Kaela King


It is like Netflix for dog training. Steffi seems so genuine, inspiring, and authentic person... and of course, her dog training videos are top-notch! Cookie has already learned so much

Philip Horton


took the "Coming When Called" online class, then after that "Focus In Public". Wow! For the first time ever, I think my dog actually thinks that I am more fun than other dogs, people or how the bushes smell. He comes running now when I call, and we even mastered heeling for short periods in our busy city center. Lovely instructions that are positive and make training a GAME

Olia Kaminskaya


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